Posted on: May 14, 2009 10:20 am

My Letter to Joe Maddon

To Joe Maddon:


If you continue to give the fans this crappy lineup card each night, this might explain why the fans don't come to see the Rays at the Trop, being they will see the same ole thing they are used to seeing. Give us fans what WE know would make the Rays fans come and see them. Give us the lineup that WE know will work. Move B.J. Upton down and promote Jason Bartlett to the top on the lineup! Also, add Ben Zobrist to the everyday play list and bring up Matt Joyce so we can see someone actually care about contributing to the Rays, other than the Carl Crawford, Evan Longoria, Ben Zobrist, and Carlos Pena. I guarantee if you (Joe) change the lineup that us fans know will workout better for the team and the fans, then the fans will come and see your team.

Yours truly,

Another Joe, who loves the Rays!

P.S- Just a suggestion: 

To further help with attendance at the Trop, make it to where none of the games are available to the area. Having all the home games on local TV gives the fans a choice, which is either stay home and watch the game in comfort or come to the Rays in person. Don't give the fans a choice, make them come see you!

Have a nice Rays day.
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Posted on: May 8, 2009 2:54 pm
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The Steroids Baseball League

With all the drugs, steroids, and all the other juiced up junk baseball players have been using lately, I was thinking maybe the league should start a new endeavor.

The SBL - Steroids Baseball League

Having a league of this nature would make all the teams equal, being all the players within this league would already be high as a kite, have muscles like the incredible hulk, lie as much as they can, have the speed of a several thousand cheetahs, and could care less about their fans being all they care about is themselves.

The rules to play in this league would be rather easy to follow:

1- Any player that has ever juiced up is eligible to play, no matter the age or gender.
2- You must juice up before every game, as a urine test is required before the first pitch.
3- If you fail to test positive for any drug, you are banned to the MLB level.
4- You are not allowed to have any close friends.
5- The fans are your enemy, so you must ignore them at all times.
6- You must hit atleast one home run a game, or be whipped with a cane ten times.
7- Spitting on an umpire is advised.
8- Chewing tobacco is illegal, you can only chew juiced up gum.
9- Teams will be decided by what drug you are currently high on.
10-Once the teams are announced, teams will play 2 games a day for 6 months.
11-The two best teams with the best records play in the Steroids World Series at the end of the 
season to see which drug is the best on the market. Group photos will be taken after the game
showing your team members being pumped full of the winning drug.


As you can see, I'm quite unhappy with all this drug use lately, as most of us are.
Will it ever stop? I doubt it. 

It really makes me think if my favorite players are really just being themselves, or are they juiced up too? 
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Posted on: May 8, 2009 2:07 am

Mini sweepin the yanks in dingerville

Rays at Yankees

Rays win 4-3 Wednesday night!
Rays win 8-6 Thursday night! 

Well now, that was a great game to witness tonight, as the Rays carpet bomb the yanks with homers, 4 off Andy Pettitte and back to back dingers off their so called ace - Mariano Rivera. The humour in watching the Rays defeat the yanks like ragdolls made me feel good tonight. Cowbells were ringing loudly hear in my house too. Cowbell noise is always welcome in my neighborhood. If you ever plan to live in my neck of the woods, you better buy plenty of ear plugs.

I call this a mini sweep only because it was one of those annoying 2 game series, which no player enjoys...well unless you are the team that sweep the yanks at their home that is. Tongue out Yes I'm going to rub it in only because I can. Ha!

Evan Longoria. Longo! My gosh, he is tearing up the bases lately. 39 rbi's already! I've read that he is on pace for driving in 195 rbi's. That would be 4 more than the MLB record of 191, set by Hack Wilson in 1930. I know it's early in the season, but dang, he will have well over 40 by the end of the weekend and will have only played 27 games. You do the math.

I feel it's fair to pick on the Yankees here only because the Yankee fans gave me a lot of grief the other night in one of the message boards here. I was just being myself and they jumped me like a pack of wolves saying we were losers, that everyone in Tampa was losers, all Rays fans were losers. I expect that from Yankee fans anyway, being they boo their own players. I bet they boo their own family because the peas were not cooked enough at the dinner table. Say what you want now Yankee fans. You are now the losers as you lost. You lost to the Rays! Read it and weep. Cry in your beer. Blame your manager, not that you don't already. We beat you fair and square. We knocked your so called ace pitchers out of the game. We rocked your high priced stadium with dingers. Heck, everyone hits dingers out of your new stadium except for you. 47 dingers have been hit out, 32 to right field. Thanks for building this special place to beat you. We did need some help and you have provided us and the rest of the entire league a chance to beat you at that overpriced concrete place you play ball in. Why not just call it dingerville or dinger dome. Tongue out

Baseball just wouldn't be the same without Yankees fans, so don't take this too harshly. The game of baseball I will always love, and without the Yankees to pick on and them to pick on us, something just wouldn't be right about that.   

Go Rays!
Longo for MVP! 
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Posted on: May 7, 2009 5:22 pm
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Value drop?

I just noticed my value dropped here for the first time.

Let's see,

I'm here everyday and have been since I first joined up in late February.
I 've made many connections and have found many new friends.
I created a group and a blog.
I play fantasy baseball, racing, and golf. 
I even had my blog featured on the front page two days ago too. Hmm.

What could it be I wonder?

I know of no enemies here...well.....hmmm......oh I know...

It was those Yankees fans last night, that's what it was. It makes sense now.

Everytime I posted in there area, being the lonely Rays fan at the time, they must have ganged up on me and gave me a 1 star rating on every post I made. Yesss, that makes sense. Oh my, I had atleast 15 posts too. That might explain the sudden drop overnight.

Yess, that has to be it. Well dang, being I will be there again tonight, does this mean they will attack me again? I would say so....hmmm...what do I do?

If I go there tonight and tomorrow my value is lower than it is now, then I will know for sure it was their fault. Yess, I will try it and see.

Did you have a good laugh? I did. hahahaha Rays won that game too, 4-3! Might be worth being demoted again if they win again.

Go Rays! Cool
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Posted on: May 5, 2009 4:14 am

Notepad to the Past

I was sitting here a few hours ago thinking of all the different baseball games I've been to over the past 40 plus years. Have you ever just sat down and thought about the many games you have seen in the past? Do any of them stand out above the rest maybe?

After thinking of the different teams and the many players I've seen over that span of years, I went and got a notepad and starting writing down all the games I've attended, or atleast the ones I can remember, as I've been to many of them all over the country.

I do remember the first baseball game I ever attended. I was around 10 years old when my dad and my uncle took me along to see the Atlanta Braves play the Richmond Braves (AAA) at Parker Field, in Richmond, Va. Being we lived in Richmond at the time, I got to see a lot of the Richmond Braves and most of the players coming up through the minors to the majors. Ohhh, the players that came through that town were plentiful then too. It makes since when I tell people my favorite player of all time is Dale Murphy. Watching him play at Richmond during my teen years was and is something I cherish very much, as the memories are great. 

After watching the Richmond Braves most of my youth years, we moved to Atlanta. I was in heaven! Even as bad as the Braves were in the early 80's or most of the 80's, I loved just being at the games, even if they did lose most the games. This is how I have survived being a Rays fan for so long, as I've lived through worse years of another team. It's part of being a go through good and bad years. If you love the game and your team, the record shouldn't matter. I still keep up with the Braves, even though I'm a Rays fan. 

Some of the games that stand out for me are when my dad and I went out west on vacation to see Reggie Jackson play when he was with the Angels back in the mid-80's. We got to see him hit 3 homers in that game! I will never forget that. Another game that stands out was when I was in Atlanta and got to see Bob Horner crank out 4 homers in one game and they lost! Talk about having a good and bad day, that was a bummer. Other than those two great games, seeing my beloved Rays play in a playoff game last year, that was the cream of the crop. It topped all games I've ever seen. 

I've also been to San Diego to see the Padres. I got to see there AAA team too who were the Las Vegas Stars. From east to west and north to south, many teams I have seen play on their home field: Cubs, Brewers, Orioles, Yankees, Pirates, Phillies, Clearwater Phillies too, Red Sox, Astros, Cardinals, Rangers, and the Marlins.

I feel lucky sometimes having been able to travel to these many great sports cities to watch their teams play. It didn't matter if my favorite team was there or not, as I love the game of baseball no matter who is playing. I've been this way since my very first game I got to see in person. I've never grown tired of the game either. I have been plenty mad at the teams during strike years, but that passes with time, as long as they don't have anymore of them anytime soon. 
Posted on: May 2, 2009 5:15 am

You have how many cowbells?

I was at the Tampa Bay Rays game last night at Tropicana Field, which I attend 40 games a season being I have a special package for home games. Anyway, being the huge fan I am of the Rays and being I collect everything they have ever produced, my cowbells go with me each time too. I only bring three of them with me of the 45 I have here at home, and yes I have the A.L. East Division and A.L. Championship cowbells too, and no, they are not for sale. Tongue out

As I went to go get another round of fresh popcorn for me and my friends, I came across a young girl who caught my attention. She was standing up in her seat with her Rays shorts, Rays t-shirt, Rays baseball cap, and a huge smile. She was the center of attention in that section too. She wasn't causing a disturbance, she was actually getting a lot of attention, and it was very welcomed to everyone around her. She looked to be about ten years old and I do believe she thought she was the biggest fan the Trop had ever seen. It made me smile to see her, as I love seeing the youngsters having fun supporting their team and heroes. It really makes you feel good to see this, no matter what team you support.

I glanced down at the seat next to her and noticed a small box, maybe about the size of a mailbox. Something about the box made me want to ask her what she had inside it, but being the person I am, I didn't want to pry or embarrass her in any way. I went and got the 4 bags of popcorn and returned the way I came, then stopped suddenly and looked down at the box again next to the girl. Her parents seemed to notice me staring at the box and they asked me what I was looking at. I told them the box reminded me of something in my past and I was just looking at it remembering a fond memory. Just then the mom of the girl stood up and asked if I would like to see what was inside this box? 

I glanced inside the box and there were 12 cowbells of different sizes and shapes. I just laughed slightly and smiled as they made me feel good to see them. All of them belonged to the girl, as she was collecting them too. I was impressed. One thing led to another and we all got to talking a bit about the Rays, where we were all from, things like that. The topic quickly came back to the cowbells and how many everyone had. I told them I had 45 of them. I felt rather proud having that many, that is until the little girl told me how many she had.

You have how many cowbells? Get this, she has over 400 of them! 400?! Yes, 400! My O My! She has every color, shape, size, and the different sounds each one makes. They proved this by a picture her mom had in her purse. It showed all 400 or so in them all gathered together for a group shot. WoW! I was blown away.     
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